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Home Insurance For Telescope – Am I Covered?

I was able to find an affordable homeowners insurance coverage which covers my telescope. I live in San Mateo, CA and this page helped me find a suitable plan.

Have you recently purchased an expensive telescope? It is easy to spend thousands of dollars high-quality gear. Do you wonder if home insurance for telescope protection is enough, or do you need a separate policy?

We need to ask an important question, first. Do you only use your telescope at home, or do you take it on the road with you? The answer to this question may determine what is the best direction for your coverage.

Homeowner’s insurance normally covers items in your home, or in your yard. You need to notify your insurance company of any expensive additions to your policy, since it may change your rates. Your telescope would qualify as an item which needs to be listed on the policy, or it may not be covered.

Do not trust your homeowner’s policy to cover your telescope unless you have directly asked the company. Some companies exclude items which are considered “hobby” purchases, since they are not essential to your life. You may need to have a rider added to your policy to extend the policy to cover your telescope. Make sure you mention how you use your telescope, too. Do you always keep it indoors, or do you regularly move it outside for better viewing. This slight change of location could affect if your telescope is protected.

Make sure you ask your agent, or the company, what types of incidents are covered by your homeowner’s policy. You want to make sure it includes theft, accidental damage, and acts of nature.

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